At Xero, we are proud to deliver some of the most innovative technology that the bookkeeping industry has ever seen. But we are also determined to forge a future where the distinctly human contributions of bookkeepers continue to shine through. We want to use technology not to replace the work of bookkeepers, but to enhance the positive impact bookkeepers have always delivered.
— Keri Gohman - Xero President, Americas

xero training/migration

The number one question I get asked is why do I love Xero so much? Why? Because of the quote above. Xero is a cloud accounting software that was built on the cloud for the cloud. It is a cutting edge software that allows bookkeepers and accountants to use many cloud applications to streamline processes for themselves and their clients. We are Xero experts and provide training to any forward thinking bookkeeping firms, tax firms, and accounting firms that want to make the transition from other softwares or from Microsoft Excel. We also assist firms with migrating their client’s information over from one software to another. What services do we provide:

  • Initial setup of Xero software

  • Specialized training depending on what matters most to you and your clients

  • Cloud application roadmap to help you and your clients on your digitalization journey

  • Migration of information from other softwares to Xero