Getting into the transportation business can be risky but very rewarding. It is one of the few industries where you can be your own boss as an owner operator. You can choose to be a driver for a company, an owner operator, a broker, or have your own fleet of vehicles. Each of these presents its own challenges and ZTX Advisors can help. We are experts in the transportation industry and leverage our experience to provide our clients with the valuable knowledge they need to grow and operate efficiently. How do we help? Here are a few points:

  • We work with our partners to ensure that your insurance needs are being met.

  • Help manage and maintain jobs and profitability.

  • Ensure the proper payment is processed and timely payment of the contractors and employees.

  • We work with our other partners to ensure that you are tracking the correct metrics for your fleet. Do you know where they are?

  • We develop plans to ensure that expenses are reduced.

  • Filing of Form 2990.

  • Cash flow management

  • Tax planning and ensuring to optimize depreciation on rigs that you own.

  • Process and workflow system optimization to ensure that your team is working efficiently.