Real estate professionals

Are you a real estate agent, broker, or investor? Each one possesses its own challenges but our advisors at ZTX Advisors can help with that. We understand that it can be a cyclical business and every month can be different. That is why we work with each individual client to ensure that they are being provided with the correct tools to grow. How do we help? Here is a small list:

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

  • Implement tools and softwares to automate mundane tasks.

  • Set up accounting softwares to ensure that all expenses are being properly tracked.

  • Tax planning strategies to ensure that year end taxable liabilities are minimal.

  • Development of workflows and processes to help them scale effectively and efficiently.

  • Top agent retention.

Real estate investors

  • Section 1031 exchanges

  • Work to identify opportunity zones

  • Provide cost segregation studies to capitalize a greater number of expenses.

  • Provide energy efficient studies to ensure the maximum tax credits are being utilized.

  • Access to several bankers and loan officers that can help with any type of loan.