Are you a contractor that just ventured out on their own? Are you not sure exactly how it all works or are you working it but want to make sure things are being done correctly? Well look no further. ZTX Advisors has extensive experience working with contractors. We work with you on the following items:

  • Ensuring the correct insurance is in place to protect your business

  • Verifying the employee/contractor role and make sure our clients are compliant

  • Tracking profitability by project to ensure that the bids are being created correctly.

  • Developing systems and processes to help them track time and ensure that contractors/employees are actually working on the site they should be

  • Automating the invoicing function for you so that you do not spend time creating manual invoices.

  • Tracking sales/local tax to make sure that you compliant

  • Cash flow projections and management to ensure that you have the funds for the next project.