Episode 10 - Interview with Tony Martinez of the Latino Tax Professionals Association

Hey guys! We have another amazing episode of the IDP Podcast! This week we had the chance to interview Tony Martinez of the Latino Tax Professional Association. We did a live webinar for the interview and it was very nerve wrecking but was a great experience! The Latino Tax Professional Association is an organization that advocates for the latino tax prepaper and for the immigration community. They are positioning themselves to be the experts when dealing with immigrant clients for all of the accounting industry. They are a great organization that provides training for their members and access to experts if you have any tax related questions. They also teamed up with Tus Tres Maestras to be able to provide their members with bookkeeping training. Tony talks a little about the history of the organization and how they got started. He then discusses the annual conference that they hold for their members in Las Vegas. Finally we go on a Xero tangent, because you guys know I love it, and talk a little about their podcast and the partnership with Tus Tres Maestras.

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